Yacht Moorings

Exuma Park has established mooring fields at Shroud Cay, Hawksbill Cay, Warderwick Wells and Cambridge Cay for use by park visitors.

Exuma Park does not take resrvations for moorings. A list is maintained of vessels requesting a mooring and vesseal can be put on the list one day prior to their anticipated arrival.

Listen to Exuma Park’s daily morning announcement at 9:00 AM on VHF Channel 16 to request a mooring.

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Mooring Information:

Like most other national parks you may have visited in your boat, the Exuma cays Land & Sea Park has installed moorings at a number of locations throughout the park. The primary reason mooring buoys are used in environmentally sensitive areas is for the protections of the seabed. Although it may look like “just sand,” in reality it is the home for many species including starfish, lugworms, juvenile conch, crabs and a variety of grasses.

Most visitors to the park prefer using moorings over traditional anchoring methods. Moorings are generally easier to use with less concern for other boats anchoring too close or worrying about dragging during the night. In short, everyone wins with mooring balls— the environment is protected, visitors secure to and release from safe overnight moorings with ease, and the park is able to continue its mission to protect and conserve the natural resources of The Bahamas.

The moorings at Shroud Cay, Hawksbill Cay, and Cambridge Cay are all on a first come, first served basis. All the moorings in these locations are designed to accommodate vessels up to 65’ in length with a 6’ draft. Each mooring field also has larger moorings designed for yachts over 65’ to 150’ in length. The larger moorings have “150 Max” on the balls. Please reserve these for larger boats unless all the other moorings are in use. Specific details for each of the mooring fields are included on the specific web pages for those fields. If your draft is over 6’, please contact park staff is you would like to pick up a mooring. Many of the moorings can accommodate deeper drafts – the 6’ is a minimum.

To secure to a mooring, approach slowly from downwind and down current. Use your boat hook to pick up the pennant. Pass your line through the pennant and bring it back to the same cleat as shown on the diagram. You do not need to back down on the mooring to “set” it.

Once secured to your mooring, you are encouraged to dive on it and personally inspect it to make sure there are no problems with it. Park staff rigorously inspect and maintain the moorings, but obviously cannot inspect every mooring every day. If you have any concerns with the mooring safety, please contact the Park Office on VHF 9 or 16. Use of all moorings is at your own risk.

Anchoring is not permitted in any mooring field – please select the appropriate mooring ball for your boat size and attach your vessel to the mooring line as illustrated above. If you choose to anchor, you must do so outside of the mooring field and enough distance away to not interfere with use of the moorings. Anchoring is not permitted in the South Anchorage at Warderick Wells, the Warderick Wells North Mooring Field, or in the area surrounding Emerald Rock at Warderick Wells. Anchoring is prohibited in coral reef areas.

Drop boxes for payment have been installed at each of the remote mooring fields. During peak season, some vessels volunteer as mooring field hosts and visit boaters each evening to pass out information and collect mooring fees. In addition, Park Patrol vessels may come around to collect mooring fees. You can make prior arrangements to pay your mooring fees at the Park Office on Warderwick Wells.

Click locations below to view more information about specific mooring fields:

Shroud Cay
Hawksbill Cay
Warderwick Wells
Cambridge Cay


The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park was the world’s first protected area of its kind, when created in 1959 by the same legislation that established the Bahamas National Trust.

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