Royal Bahamas Defense Force

To assist the Park Staff with enforcement matters, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force has stationed three officers at the Park Headquarters. These dedicated men and women regularly patrol the park with Park Staff and act as the enforcement arm for fisheries, immigration, customs, and other matters throughout the Bahamas.

Contact Defense Force on VHF Channel 16

Powers Granted By Acts of Parliament

FISHERIES RESOURCES ACT: One of the duties of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force is the prevention of illegal fishing by foreigners and the safeguarding of certain types of fish and particular areas by the prevention of indiscriminate fishing.

CUSTOMS MANAGEMENT ACT: The Defence Act gives members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force certain powers under the Customs Management Act. These include power of search and arrest.

DANGEROUS DRUGS ACT: The Defence Force is to prevent trafficking or transit of illegal drugs. The Dangerous Drugs Act outlines particular rules and gives the Defence Force as Peace Officers power of arrest.

IMMIGRATION ACT: The main duty of the Defence Force in regard to illegal immigrants is in finding them onboard craft at sea or on uninhabited islands in the Bahamas. The act gives powers of arrest to Customs Officers and Police Officers.

FIREARMS ACT: The Firearms Act assists the Defence Force personnel who search craft. The act explains that weapons must be declared by visitors and it describes illegal weapons.


The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park was the world’s first protected area of its kind, when created in 1959 by the same legislation that established the Bahamas National Trust.

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