Shroud Cay

Shroud Cay, an uninhabited cay owned by Exuma Park, is an archipelago of cays and rocks surrounding a shallow tidal mangrove salina which serves as a unique nursery for conch, crawfish (lobster), sea turtles, birds and many varieties of fish.

The tidal creek to the north of Shroud Cay is very shallow and should be be explored only at Idle Speed/No wake on a rising tide to avoid being stranded in your dinghy.

The north tidal creek must be explored at idle speed only to avoid disturbing the sea, bird and plant life in this marine nursery.

Please be respect ful and don’t disturb the sea, bird and plant life in this marine sanctuary.

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Shroud Cay Moorings

The use of all moorings is at the boat owners/users risk.
All moorings at Shroud Cay are on a first come, first served basis. All the moorings are designed to accommodate vessels up to 65’ in length with a 6’ draft. You may enter this fields and secure to any empty ball of your choice. Two moorings in this field will accommodate yachts to 150’ in length and are marked as such on the actual mooring ball. Please use standard size balls first if available.

The mooring field is located approximately 1 1/2 miles northeast of the northern tip of Elbow Cay. A payment drop box, with envelopes, is located at the northern end of the beach at the north end of the mooring field.

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The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park was the world’s first protected area of its kind, when created in 1959 by the same legislation that established the Bahamas National Trust.

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